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Lion Male with Bloodied Face


Caption: Lion male with bloodied face rests under tree after feeding on giraffe, Kruger National Park, South Africa. © Scotch Macaskill Lion with bloody face, Kruger National Park

Lions are efficient hunters that kill a variety of prey, including antelope, wildebeest, zebras, and larger mammals like giraffe and buffalo. Lions usually stalk their prey to bring them within striking range and seldom charge unless within 30 meters of the victim.

When hunting larger mammals, a lion usually attacks at an oblique angle before leaping and throwing one paw over the shoulder or rump and then using its great strength to pull down the prey.

In the Kruger National Park in South Africa, lions have also become adept at bringing down giraffe by herding them on to the tar roads where they're more likely to slip and fall on the smooth surface.

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