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Concise information on the following animals is available:
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Wildlife Articles

Nile crocodile basking in sun Fascinating accounts of animals in the wild (see also Wildlife Pictures Stories):

Rhino Poaching Crisis
Rhino survival under threat

They have to mate with care

Elephant Poaching
The Shocking Aftermath

Long bills, colorful plumage

The Giraffe is Truly Unique
What sets this African icon apart

Lion Visits our Ruaha Camp
A timely reminder about camping in the African bush

Africa's Most Dangerous
The "What if.." question

Lion Facts
Did You Know?

Female Spotted Hyenas
Origins of the hermaphrodite myth

Male Waterbuck
Not Showy, but Ruggedly Handsome

Monitor Lizards
Fearsome predators on land and water

Nile Crocodile
The reality is stranger than fiction

Safari Night Drives
The Red-Light Experience

African Fish Eagle
Handsome bird with a haunting call

Wild Dog Society
It's all about co-operation

Wild Dogs Kill to Eat
Hunting as a pack is highly efficient

The Hippo's Bad Reputation
Hippos are not inherently aggressive

Weaver Birds Brighten up our Lives
Why breeding season means brighter colors

How the Warthog got its Name
Facts about this ugly but appealing pig

Black Mamba Myths
Myths about the Black Mamba and other snakes

Python Nabs Vervet Monkey
Python coiled round monkey provides amazing spectacle

Swimming Lion
Hungry lion tackles the mighty Zambezi River

Dead Elephant
Poacher's Bullet Slays Elephant Cow

In the Lions' Den
Tiny Mongoose Lives to Tell the Tale

Maternal Instincts
Mother Baboon Clings to Remains of Dead Baby

A Strange Sighting
Hippo Shields Body of Juvenile From Lurking Crocs

Discretion Prevails
Trio of Cheetah Surrender Their Kill to a Pack of Hyena

African Elephant Biofile
Excellent, in-depth article with pictures

Elephant Communication
Interesting paper on elephant social behavior

Elephant Reflections Review
This elephant book is a "must-read"

Selective Feeding
How the Giraffe Sorts the Leaves from the Thorns

Antelope Behavior
Nyalas' Dominance Displays Keep Rivals At Bay

"Wildcam Africa" at Pete's Pond
Read about this "virtual safari".

Caged for Life
Abandoned "pet" monkeys are victims of human stupidity

Rhino Capture and Relocation
Conservation Success Story

Wildlife Resources and Links

The African Wildlife Foundation is an international conservation organisation focused on ensuring the future of Africa's unique wildlife and wild habitats.

It has compiled detailed wildlife information about a variety of African species, published under the title: "Wild Lives Guidebook". The corresponding section of their web site is based on "Wild Lives" and provides detailed wildlife information.

The African Conservation Foundation is dedicated to supporting and linking African conservation initiatives, groups and NGOs, with the aim to strengthen their capacity, build partnerships and promote effective communication and co-ordination of conservation efforts.

The Endangered Wildlife Trust is a South African-based conservation organisation founded in 1973. The Trust seeks to achieve its mission of conserving the diversity of plant and animal species in Southern Africa by conducting a programme of research, awareness and conservation action.

Save the Elephants, founded by Dr Iain Douglas-Hamilton, is a Kenya-based organisation. It's mission is to secure a future for elephants and to sustain the beauty and ecological integrity of the places where they live; to promote man's delight in their intelligence and the diversity of their world, and to develop a tolerant relationship between the two species.

Elephant Care International is a non-profit organization devoted to the healthcare and conservation of elephants, while also facilitating the sharing of elephant data among professionals.

GreenAnswers is a user-generated question and answer site dedicated to environmental issues and is aimed at promoting environmental education through open debate and discussion.

GreenAnswers is completely free and user-driven, so content is created and moderated by people who have a passion for the environment. GreenAnswers is planting trees for every new person that joins the site and for every five questions answered.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare is dedicated to protecting animals and their environments, worldwide. Current campaigns include reducing commercial exploitation and trade, saving animals in distress and preserving habitat for animals. Emphasis is on bears, elephants, whales, porpoises and seals, black and white rhino.

JungleWalk.com is a fun yet comprehensive site providing "audios, videos, websites for the nature lover, educator and student", plus wildlife news and headlines. If you want to find information, listen to a mockingbird imitating an alarm clock - or receive classroom aids to be used in conjunction with the site - this is the place to visit.

Illustrated Encyclopedia of Endangered Animals is an online illustrated encyclopedia of endangered animals that strives to inform and educate children about the danger of extinction of animal species due to environmental destruction.

The site provides a comprehensive list of endangered species, together with easy-to-follow facts and information about each endangered animal. A very useful site for both parents and teachers who'd like to keep youngsters informed about threats to our dwindling animal population.

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