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Impala antelope sprinting, Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana Buffalo bulls locking horns, Kruger National Park, South Africa Pair of young cheetahs alert for danger, Kruger National Park, South Africa Male lion walking side view, Kruger National Park, South Africa Leopard relaxing in shady spot, Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana Elephant pair testing each other's strength, Kruger National Park, South Africa Giraffe swallowing twig, Kruger National Park, South Africa White rhino grazing, Kruger National Park, South Africa Zebra stallions fighting and kicking, Kruger National Park, South Africa Black-backed jackal, side view, Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana Cheetah mother with cubs, Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana Elephant herd including juveniles, Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana Hippos making a splash on water's edge, Kruger National Park, South Africa Spotted hyena cooling off in waterhole, Kruger National Park, South Africa Warthog looking at camera, Kruger National Park, South Africa Yellowbilled-hornbill, close-up, Kruger National Park, South Africa Elephant tusk, close-up, Kruger National Park, South Africa Sunset in Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana

Wildlife Galleries

Below are our wildlife picture galleries. Each gallery showcases a selection of African wildlife images, most of which were photographed while on safari in the national parks and game reserves of Southern and East Africa. Simply click on any link to see the pictures in that gallery. For our most recent photos, please see our Facebook Page

genet nav pic Introduction
A mix of wildlife pictures, from lion and elephant to the shy genet
lion nav pic Lions Pg 1
Lions Pg 2
Lions Pg 3
Regal males, sleek lionesses, juveniles and playful cubs
baby lion nav pic Baby Lions
Cute, cuddly and still innocent lion cubs romping and posing
elephant nav pic Elephants Pg 1
Elephants Pg 2
Elephants Pg 3
Big bull elephants, matriarchs, youngsters and herds
leopard nav pic Leopards Pg 1
Leopards Pg 2
Secretive, solitary, immensely strong - the leopard is the ultimate cat
cheetah nav pic Cheetahs
Sleek and streamlined, meet the fastest land mammal on earth
giraffe nav pic Giraffes Pg 1
Giraffes Pg 2
A varied selection, showing this tall, statuesque animal in typical poses
zebra nav pic Zebras Pg 1
Zebras Pg 2
They're black and white but they're also in colour!
buffalo nav pic Buffalo
Striking photos of this big and dangerous member of the "Big 5" club
rhino nav pic Rhinos
The massive white rhino is Southern Africa's second largest land mammal
hippo nav pic Hippos
Fascinating pics of the hippopotamus on land and in the water
antelope nav pic Antelope Pg 1
Antelope Pg 2
Graceful impala, stately kudu, waterbuck, nyala and steenbuck
baby animals nav pic Baby Animals
They're cute, mischievous, but always vulnerable in the wild
monkey nav pic Monkeys Pg 1
Monkeys Pg 2
Vervet monkeys, our cute primate cousins, at work and play
baboon nav pic Baboons Pg 1
Baboons Pg 2
See how these fascinating and often amusing primates behave
crocodile nav pic Crocodiles
The Nile crocodile, Africa's largest, is stranger than fiction
wild dog nav pic Wild Dogs
Ruthlessly efficient hunters, they remain under severe threat
hyena nav pic Hyenas
The spotted hyena - more than a skulking scavenger
mongoose nav pic Mongooses
Small critters with a complex and caring social structure
birds nav pic Birds Pg 1
Birds Pg 2
From Eagles to Bee-eaters, the big, the small, the colorful
wildebeest nav pic Wildebeest
Small groups, plus thousands massing on the Serengeti plains
wildlife close-up nav pic Wildlife Close Ups
Some of Africa's better-known wildlife species from close range
warthog nav pic Warthogs
Not all pigs are equal; the warthog is comical and entertaining
jackal nav pic Jackals
Both the black-backed jackal and side-striped jackal on show
garden nav icon From the Garden
Colorful flowers, birds, and insects from the garden
Picture story icon Picture Stories
Picture sequences showing animal behavior and animal antics
safari pictures nav icon Favorite Safari Photos
A selection of favorite images from Africa's national parks

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