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Baby Lion Pictures

Baby lion images make a wonderful addition to anyone's wilife portfolio. Baby lions - called "cubs", not kittens - are just as cute and cuddly as domestic kittens, so photos of them are sure to elicit more "oohs" and "aahs" than pictures of adult lions sleeping.

Adult lions spend 20 to 21 hours each day resting to conserve their energy for hunting, so in most cases don't provide great picture opportunities.

But baby lions are a different story and should you find a lion pride plus cubs when on safari, keep that camera ready.

Baby lion portrait
Baby Lion Portrait, Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana

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A pair of baby lion cubs about to  play fight Baby lion creeps up on sibling, Mashatu GR, Botswana
Baby lion cubs ready to play Baby lion pair at play, Mashatu GR, Botswana
Baby lions play fighting Baby lions play fighting, Mashatu GR, Botswana
Baby lion cub walking Lion cub walking, Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana
Baby lion cubs ready to romp Lion cubs ready to romp, Mashatu GR, Botswana
Baby lion cub gives big yawn Lion cub yawning, Sondela Centre, South Africa
baby lion cub with mother Baby lion with sleeping mother, Mashatu GR, Botswana
Baby lion cub tries to get mother to play Lion cub eager to play with mother, Mashatu GR, Botswana
Baby lion rubs noses with big male lion Lion cub & adult male rub noses, Mashatu GR, Botswana
baby lion cub portrait Young lion cub relaxing, Sondela Centre, South Africa
baby lions play fighting Lion cubs practice their hunting skills, Mashatu GR, Botswana
Baby lion practising hunting skills Baby lion learning hunting techniques, Mashatu GR, Botswana

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baby lions practice their hunting skills Baby lions play fighting, Mashatu GR, Botswana
baby lions at play, learning hunting skills Baby lion siblings romping, Mashatu GR, Botswana
baby lion lying on its belly Baby lion lying on belly, Mashatu GR, Botswana
baby lion siblings showing their affection Lion cubs showing affection, Mashatu GR, Botswana
Trio of lion cubs relaxing Trio of lion cubs together, Mashatu GR, Botswana
baby lions playing near their mother Baby lion pair with mother, Mashatu GR, Botswana
baby lion lying at full stretch Lion cub lying at full stretch, Mashatu GR, Botswana
lion playing with tip of adult lion's tail Lion cub playing with adult's tail, Mashatu GR, Botswana
baby lion cub lying in long gras Baby lion cub lying in grass, Mashatu GR, Botswana

Playful and Inquisitive
Lion cubs, like other young animals, are playful and inquisitive, providing excellent photo opportunities.

There will often be more than one cub in a litter (usually two to three per litter), meaning they have siblings to romp with. Females in the pride will also often conceive and have their young at more or less the same time (known as reproductive synchrony).

Lactating females will also suckle any of the pride's cubs, showing no favoritism for their own offspring.

Hunting Techniques
When hunting larger animals, a lion usually attacks at an oblique angle before leaping and throwing one paw over the shoulder or rump and then using its weight and strength to pull down the quarry.

If you find two or more lion cubs within a pride, it's fascinating watching them at play as they'll often be mimicking this attack behavior, stalking and grappling with each other as they instinctively learn how to bring down prey.

The cubs will also be seen clambering over their mothers or other lionesses in the pride as they try to get the dozing adults to join them in play.

For more on this, see also Lion Cubs Playing

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