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Lion Cubs Playing

This sequence of lion cub photos was taken in Mashatu Game Reserve in Botswana. Although still very young - possibly around six to eight weeks old - these baby lions were already using play time to practise and hone their hunting skills.

As can be seen in the pictures, the one cub was much keener than its sibling to romp - hence the tongue-in-cheek captions!

Lion cub pair, Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana Look at her! Getting ready to pose for the cameras again and all I want to do is play

Lion cub creeping up on another, Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana We'll see about that .... I'm coming to get you!

Lion cub wanting to play, Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana C'mon, forget about the silly tourists and their fancy cameras, let's play-fight

Lion cubs romping, Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana This'll spoil your posing .... maybe a bit of provocation will get you going

Lion cubs getting ready to play fight, Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana Don't tell me to go away and leave you alone ...

Lion cub learning attack skills, Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana See how you like this!

Lion cubs take a break from play-fighting, Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana You're so hopeless, there you go posing for the cameras again

Pair of cute lion cubs, Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana There's only one thing left to do ....

Lion cub climbing over another, Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana And that's to climb all over you ...

Lion cub nipping sibling on rump, Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana And give you a good nip on the rump

Lion cub biting another on the neck in play fight, Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana Followed by one on the neck for good measure!

Lion cub trying to get away from sibling, Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana No way ... you're not escaping that easily

Baby lions in winter grass, Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana Oh all right ... I give up. This exertion has made me thirsty

Baby lions with lioness, Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana Let's go see Mom for some sustenance

All the photographs were taken with an entry-level DSLR, the Canon EOS 400D (Rebel XTi) and an old zoom lens, the Canon EF 80-200mm f/2.8L (also known as the "magic drainpipe). Focal length was 200mm, aperture ranged from f/2.8 to f/4 using aperture priority. This allowed a shutter speed from 1/160 to 1/320 at ISO 400.

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