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Anyone considering or planning an African safari will be faced with a number of difficult choices.

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Questions that must be answered include:

  • Costs - for most this will be the major consideration (except for a lucky few!)
  • Destination - where do you most want to go on safari?
  • Duration - how much time do you have?
  • Time of year - rain and wind can wreck your safari
  • Getting there - what's involved?
  • Once there - self-drive or join a tour group?
  • What to take - travel light or dress for dinner?

The list is by no means exhaustive. Other questions will arise (can we take the children?), while for some the answers will be more clearcut.

You may, for example, have seen a National Geo program on Botswana's Okavango Delta - or the Serengeti migration - and that's where you're determined to go.

For others, it's particular birds - or the desert scenery of the Kalahari - that appeals.

The choices - in destination, type of accommodation, and costs - for an African safari are enormous, so the more you can limit the variables, the easier it will be to make a decision.

From Those Who've Been There on Safari

Cutting through the sales talk of safari operators' brochures and web sites can be a chore. A more reliable source of valid information is often provided by those who've been there and done it. The articles below will help anyone looking for tips and advice about going on an African safari:

Take our African Safari Quiz to check how much you know about some of Africa's more popular game parks and safari destinations.

If you'd like to see the answers before taking the quiz and learn more about African safari destinations, see Safari Quiz Answers

Safari Web Sites Worth a Look

(Note: Clicking on safari sites listed below will open the web site in a new window)

Victoria Falls Travel Guide website

Travellers Guide to Victoria Falls - A comprehensive travel guide to the Victoria Falls and surrounding areas, including a wealth of information about Zimbabwe, its people, art, culture, history, and folklore.

The site is compiled by a couple with many years of experience working in the Zimbabwe travel and hospitality industry. Their hands-on knowledge, passion, and birds-eye perspective provide unique insights indispensible to anyone planning a visit to the Victoria Falls.

Kruger-to-Kalahari  safari guide

Kruger to Kalahari Safari Guide - Similar to the site above, this is not a safari operator's website full of hype. Instead, it's published by Mario & Jenny Fazekas, a photographer couple who've done more than a 100 self-drive safaris to some of southern Africa's prime safari destinations, including the Kruger National Park, Etosha in Namibia, and the remote Kalahari.

They draw on their first-hand experience to provide unbiased advice about the above areas, including getting there, accommodation, costs, plus expert photo tips.

Also worth visiting:

SouthAfrica.net - the official South African Tourism website, providing "the most comprehensive online source of information on travel to and in South Africa".

SA National Parks - official website of South Africa's national parks

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