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Hyena Pictures

This hyena gallery features images of the Spotted Hyena (Crocuta crocuta), the majority taken in South Africa's Kruger National Park.

The more reclusive Brown Hyena (Hyaena brunnea) has a longer, shaggier coat and more pointed ears than its spotted relative and is much less frequently seen.

The spotted hyenas in the Kruger National Park are accustomed to vehicles and certainly not reclusive. They often make their dens in culverts under the road, so it's not unusual to see a hyena family at close range when they emerge from the den to watch the tourists driving by.

Spotted hyena close-up, Kruger National Park
Spotted Hyena Close-Up

Click on any picture to enlarge
Spotted hyena, side view, Kruger National Park Spotted hyena backlit, Kruger National Park Spotted hyena in profile, close-up
Spotted hyena taking a walk Hyena pup close-up, Kruger National Park Spotted hyena carrying carcass remains
Spotted hyena suckling pup, Kruger National Park Spotted hyena close-up, Kruger National Park spotted hyena chasing vulture

Spotted Hyena T-shirt
Hyena youngster, head shot Spotted hyena walking, side-on view, Kruger National Park Spotted hyena pup, Mashatu Game reserve
Spotted hyena on the alert, Kruger National Park Inquisitive spotted hyena pups Hyena walking, side-on view, Kruger National Park
Spotted hyena close-up in profile Spotted hyena lying next to waterhole Spotted hyena looking over its shoulder
Camera Equipment Tips:
This means a telephoto zoom lens in the 70-210mm or 70-300mm range is ideal for taking hyena pictures, giving options of group shots to portraits.

If you're using a digital SLR like a Canon 600D/60D or Nikon D90 with a built-in "crop factor" you may find at 70mm focal length you can't get enough of your subject in the frame, so will need to switch to a standard zoom in the 35-70mm range.

Digital cameras with fixed 24x or more zooms - like the Canon SX50 HS, Nikon COOLPIX P510 or Panasonic DMC-FZ150K - are ideal as you've got options from wide angle right through to long telephoto.

Try to use a combination of wide aperture (F2.8 to F4) with a fast shutter speed as this will offset camera shake and help throw the background out of focus.

Don't Chance Your Arm!
Wherever you go on safari in Africa, don't be lulled into thinking these animals are like domestic dogs! If you stick your arm out your vehicle window, a hyena is capable of snapping it off with one bite.

They have powerful jaws and teeth specially adapted to splintering and crushing bones.

While a lion or leopard is unlikely to enter your safari tent, hyenas have been known to take a bite out of sleeping tourists.

So wherever your African safari may take you - whether it's a luxury game lodge or a humble camping safari - it's common sense to treat all wildlife with caution and respect. They are, after all, "wild" animals, which one should always bear in mind when photographing wildlife.

See also Spotted Hyena Information and Spotted Hyenas - the Hermaphrodite Myth for more about these unusual animals.

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