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Zebra Pictures - Pg 1

The images in this zebra gallery are all of plains zebra (also known as Burchell's zebra).

There are two other species: Grevy's zebra, found mostly in Kenya, and the mountain zebra, found in southern and south-western Africa.

Zebra are avid grazers and will gather in large numbers on open plains where grass is plentiful.

On the Serengeti plains of Tanzania, as many as 200,000 zebra gather in July-August for the migration to Kenya's Masai Mara in search of better grazing.

Zebra, extreme close-up, Stainbank Nature Reserve, South Africa
Zebra's Eye, Exreme Close-Up

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Zebra close-up, Tala Game Reserve, S Africa Zebra head close-p Zebra close-up
Zebra pair standing Zebra group drinking Zebra foal
Zebra pair Zebra in winter grass Zebra side view

 Zebra on Keyboard Party T-shirt
Zebra group close-up zebras running, motion blur Zebra group
Zebra stallion Zebra and wildebeest at waterhole Zebra standing in forest
Zebra head side view Zebra close-up Zebra side view

Unique Stripe Pattern
From a distance, all zebras look alike, but every zebra's stripe pattern is unique.

If you look closely at the zebra photos on this page, you'll see that each animal's marking is different.

The stripes are believed to act as a form of camouflage, breaking up the distinct outline of the body, particularly in low light.

Zebra Photography
Although zebra are photogenic and fairly easy to approach in a vehicle, their stripes can be visually confusing.

What the eye sees as an interesting, three-dimensional array of shapes and patterns can end up as a conflicting muddle when reduced to the one-dimensional plane of a photographic print.

Photo Tips
If possible, when taking shots of two or more zebra, try to use the patterns to your advantage, looking for symmetry of shape or form. Alternatively, emphasise the clash of stripes running at distinct angles to each other.

It's an interesting challenge when photographing zebra that the very markings that make these animals so attractive can also work against the photographer.

This is certainly worth bearing in mind, particularly for those planning a safari to Tanzania or Kenya for the annual migration, often referred to as the "greatest wildlife show on earth".

More About Zebra
You can find out more from our Zebra Information page.

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Zebra Pictures Pg 2

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