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Zebra Pictures - Pg 2

Our second zebra gallery displays images of individual animals or small groups - unfortunately no large herds.

Although zebra are distributed widely throughout southern Africa, it is difficult to get photos of huge herds, as is possible in East Africa where migrating populations on the Serengeti plains number in the tens of thousands.

So if you're planning an African vacation and want to see the famed zebra and wildebeest migrations, then Kenya's Masai Mara or Tanzania's Serengeti National Park must be your preferred safari destinations.

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Picture of zebra pair Photo of lone zebra Picture of zebra grazing
Zebra standing, side view Picture of zebra stallion and sub-adult Picture of zebra foal
Zebra pair grazing Photo of zebra individual zebra group drinking at waterhole
wildlife reference photos
Picture of lone zebra Picture of zebra in late afternoon light Zebra on the run
Zebra pair Picture of zebra group, Kruger Park, South Africa Picture of zebra duo, Kruger Park, South Africa
Picture of zebra standing Picture of zebra at waterhole Picture of zebra drinking

Zebra Reflections
Pictures of zebra taken near water are often interesting - the black and white stripes reflect well, providing visually appealing results.

So if you find a group of zebra near a water-hole, it's worth waiting a while. Capturing five or six of them drinking together, their bowed heads reflecting on the water, will make a memorable picture.

Blurred Stripes
The photo of the zebra foal (end of row 2) has been included for curiosity value. Low light required a slow shutter speed and as I clicked, the foal suddenly moved, its head and tail a blur of stripes.

The result, although unintentional, suggests the skittishness of the young foal.

Camera Equipment Tips
In popular nature reserves zebra become habituated to people and vehicles, so will often come close. A telephoto zoom lens in the 70-200mm or 70-300mm range will be fine in most cases, giving options of group shots to portraits.

Superzoom digital cameras with fixed 24x (or more) zooms are ideal as you've got options from wide angle right through to long telephoto, while also offering image-stabilized lenses.

More About Zebra
You can find out more about these interesting animals from the Zebra Information page.

Zebra Captions:
Row 1:
1.Pair of zebra, Tala Reserve, South Africa
2.Lone zebra under tree, Tala Reserve, S.Africa
3.Zebra grazing, Tala Reserve, S.Africa

Row 2:
1.Lone zebra, Tala Game Reserve, S.Africa
2.Zebra stallion and youngster, Tala Reserve, S.Africa
3.Skittish zebra foal, Tala Reserve, S.Africa

Row 3:
1.Zebra pair grazing, Tala Game Reserve, S.Africa
2.Lone zebra, Umfolozi GR, S.Africa
3.Zebra group drinking, Mkuzi GR, S.Africa

Row 4:
1.Lone zebra, Umfolozi Game Reserve, S.Africa
2.Curios zebra, Tala Game Reserve, S.Africa
3.Zebra on the run, Lower Zambezi NP, Zambia

Row 5:
1.Zebra duo in green grass, Tala Reserve, S.Africa
2.Group of zebra, winter, Kruger Park, South Africa
3.Zebra pair, Kruger National Park, South Africa

Row 6:
1.Zebra in late afternoon sun, Tala Reserve, S.Africa
2.Zebra at water-hole, Umfolozi Reserve, S.Africa
3.Zebra at water-hole, Umfolozi Game Reserve, S.Africa

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