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Baboon Pictures - Pg 1

All the baboon images in this gallery are of Chacma baboons (Papio ursinus) and were taken in South Africa (Kruger National Park) and Zambia (Lower Zambezi National Park and Mosi-Oa-Tunya Park)

The main obstacle to photographing baboons is attitude - there's always the chance of more exciting viewing ahead, so the temptation is to keep going, particularly if you're on safari with others.

That's a pity, because they (the baboons) are fascinating to watch and photograph.

Chacma Baboon Portrait
Chacma Baboon Portrait, Profile View

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Picture of wet baboon yawning, Kruger Park Baboon checking for insects Young baboon nibbling on twig, Zambia
Baboon loping on all fours, Lower Zambezi National Park, Zambia Baboons grooming each other Chacma baboons grooming, Kruger Park, SAfrica
Chacma baboon nibbling on pod Close-up of chacma baboon Baby baboon nibbling on orange peel

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baboon cuddling youngster Baboon grooming another's arm pit Baboon mother watching over baby
Baboon seated, Kruger Park, South Africa Baboon nibbling on snack, Kruger Park baboon multi-tasking, Kruger Park, South Africa
Baboon mother with youngster Baboons grooming each other Chacma baboon in tree
baboon in tree Baboon carrying baby on back baboon in tree, Kruger Park, SAfrica

Social Animals
Baboons are social animals and live in troops of varying sizes comprising females and their young plus one or more males.

It's entertaining watching troop behaviour and individuals inter-reacting, particularly as there are separate dominance heirarchies among males and females.

Baboons spend much time grooming each other, checking through the thick fur for insects such as fleas and ticks.

This grooming behavior offers excellent photo opportunities as the baboons normally remain seated during the intricate inspections.

Baboons Can Vary in Color
Chacma baboons are usually gray-brown in color, but their fur can vary from dark brown to near black.

A distinguishing (and usually not very attractive!) feature is the pinkish callosite the adults develop on the rump.

An adult male chacma baboon has powerfully-built shoulders and can weigh up to 45 kg (100 lbs) while the females are more lightly built and slender, only weighing around 12 to 20 kg (26 to 45 lbs).

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