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Leopard Pictures - Pg 1

Returning from safari with a porfolio of outstanding leopard images is not easy as these magnificent but secretive cats spend much of the day inactive, hidden from view in leafy trees or dense bush.

Although daytime sightings do occur in national parks where leopards have become accustomed to vehicles, such sightings are usually fleeting.

In addition, your subject will often be well-camouflaged, making it even more difficult for the photographer. So count yourself lucky if you ever come across a leopard lying relaxed on a tree branch, in good light!

Leopard snarling, close-up
Leopard snarling, close-up

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leopard mother with cub Leopard mother and cub
Leopard close-up Male leopard portrait
Night Shot of Leopard in Tree Leopard in tree at night
Big Male Leopard, Close-Up Close-up of male leopard
Young Leopards play-fighting Young leopards play-fighting
Leopard in tree with kill Leopard in tree with kill
Leopard Lounging on Tree Stump Leopard lounging on tree stump
Leopard Walking in Short Grass Leopard walking in short grass
Leopard sitting on tree branch Watchful Leopard in tree

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Leopard Close-Up, Side View
Leopard Close-Up, Side View
Leopard Keeping Watchful Eye
Leopard sitting on its haunches
Leopard Walking, Front-on View
Leopard walking, front-on
Leopard Making Eye Contact
Leopard making eye contact
Leopard Looking Back
Leopard looking back
Leopard Walking, Front-on View
Leopard walking along track
Leopard Seated on Tree Stump
Leopard seated on tree stump
Leopard Climbing Down Tree
Leopard climbing down tree
Leopard Relaxing in Tree Leopard relaxing in tree
Male Leopard Lying on Tree Branch Big male leopard lying on branch
Leopard Seeking Refuge in Tree Leopard partially hidden in tree

Dappled Shade
Dappled shade may be attractive to the eye but, combined with the leopard's natural camouflage, will often make your photograph too confusing and "busy".

For this reason professional photographers will often use fill-in flash to soften the shadows and put highlights in the eyes of the leopard.

Bear in mind though that flash, if not handled with care, can also present its own problems, causing animal "red-eye" or over-exposure of your subject.

Elephant Plains Game Lodge
Virtually all the leopard photos on this page were taken in the Sabi Sand Wildtuin. We were based at Elephants Plains Game Lodge, a small family-run lodge within Sabi Sand that has gained a reputation for providing guests with outstanding opportunities to view and photograph leopards.

Although there are good numbers of leopards in the adjoining Kruger National Park, they are not easy to see and photograph, mainly because visitors cannot stray off the designated roads - something which is permitted in private reserves.

Experienced Trackers
In many private game reserves visitors also have the luxury of an experienced tracker in the safari vehicle. Add the guide/driver, and you have two sets of exceptionally sharp eyes that can pick-up tell-tale signs of leopard and other wildlife that would escape the rest of us.

Also, because leopards are territorial, the game rangers get to know where the individual cats hang out and will take their guests there, usually with successful results.

For most visitors to the bush, finding these superbly camouflaged cats in thick foliage or high in the branches of a leafy tree can be tricky.

See the picture below that clearly illustrates how a leopard's markings blend in with the background of dappled shade.

leopard in tree

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