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Leopard Pictures - Pg 2

The Sabi Sand Game Reserve is renowned for leopard sightings and is widely regarded as the best area in the world for capturing stunning leopard images.

The reserve, covering 65,000 ha, is adjacent to South Africa's Kruger National Park. There are no dividing fences, allowing the wildlife to roam freely between the two.

The operators of the various private game reserves and lodges within Sabi Sand have, over the years, become expert at habituating the resident leopards to safari vehicles.

Leopard portrait
Leopard Portrait, Three-Quarter View

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Leopard close-up Leopard close-up Leopard on branch
Leopards at play Leopard Sniffing at Scent Leopard snarling
Leopard close-up Leopard front-on Leopard walking Leopard in tree
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Leopard lying on tree stump Leopard on wall Leopard licking paw
Leopard side-on Alert leopard Leopard walking
Leopard on sand track Leopard out walking Leopard drinking
Leopard in green grass    
Photo Opportunities
These normally secretive and reclusive cats no longer feel threatened by vehicles and simply ignore them, allowing quite extraordinary wildlife photo opportunities.

Within Sabi Sand, various private reserves have reciprocal traversing rights and also share information about wildlife sightings.

The rangers in the safari vehicles are in radio contact, so can notify each other when anything special - like a leopard lounging in a tree - is sighted. Usually only three vehicles are allowed at any such event, ensuring the animals are not crowded or stressed.

Tell-Tale Signs
The rangers and their trackers are also experts at picking up the faintest signs of animal activity, so can quickly spot tell-tale signs when leopards are in the vicinity. It's then a case of following these signs until the animal is found.

If it's in a tree, you can usually park close by, haul out the camera and have time to compose and ensure your exposure is correct. If the animal is moving, you can often follow on a parallel route - depending on the vegetation - again allowing for some exciting photo opportunies.

Premier Leopard Area
All the leopard images on this page were taken at Elephant Plains Game Lodge, a small, family-run operation in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve that has a well-deserved reputation as one of the premier leopard sighting areas in the world, with tariffs that make it accessible to more than just the mega-rich.

Other luxury, private game reserves in the Sabi Sand, also renowned for leopard sightings, include Mala Mala Game Reserve, Exeter Private Game Reserve, Londolozi Private Game Reserve, and Singita Game Reserve.

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