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These baboon photos are all of the chacma baboon (Papio ursinus) which is the species commonly found in the game reserves and national parks of southern Africa.

The chacma baboon is the largest primate in southern Africa. The colour of this baboon varies greatly according to sex, age and origin, but is generally a grayish-brown colour.

The females are lightly built and slender but the males have powerfully built shoulders and head. The muzzle is large and dog-like and particularly pronounced on males.

The photos were taken in South Africa's Kruger National Park and in Lower Zambezi National Park and Mosi-Oa-Tunya Park in Zambia.

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Baboons grooming Baboon sitting in tree Baboon in tree Baboon mother with baby Young baboons damaging vehicle Baboon pulling baby by its back leg
Baboon pulling baby by the leg baboon relaxing on vehicle roof Young baboon playing on vehicle Baboon perched in tree Baboon in sunlight baboons on the move
Young baboon playing with plastic bottle Baboon sitting in tree baboons grooming baboons bending to drink from river Mother baboon with baby baboon sliding down van windscreen
baboon pulling on windscreen rubber baboons pulling away windscreen beading baboons pulling on window rubber baboon seated, side-on view
Photo of baboon in tree Picture of baboon yawning Photo of baboon grooming Baboon pair, Kruger Park, South Africa Picture of baboon, Kruger Park, South Africa Picture of baboon group, Kruger Park, South Africa

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