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Wildlife T-Shirts and Decor

Below is a small sampling of our extensive range of wildlife and Africa-inspired T-shirts and other apparel available from Amazon. All the designs are unique - based on original wildlife photographs taken in Africa - and are NOT available in stores.

Our latest designs feature eye-catching wildlife images under the distinctive banner of the legendary Wildlife Supporters' Club. By wearing one of these tops you'll be telling the the world you're a proud wildlife supporter, while spreading awareness of wildlife and conservation.

Please browse through our Supporters' Club designs by clicking on these links:

If you'd prefer to check out our original Wild for Africa designs, click on these links:

Note: if Amazon is not showing results, it's because Amazon doesn't ship apparel to your country, so you need to change the postal address to a US or UK zip code.

We also have T-shirt, decor, and art designs availabe from Redbubble and Zazzle, who do ship internationally. So please do also browse through our Redbubble T-shirts and Decor or our Zazzle Store

New for 2022!

 "We Will Get Over It" US T-shirt
 "We Will Get Over It" UK T-shirt

Wildlife T-shirts on Amazon

Here's a small sampling - click on any image to see available colours, sizes, and prices.

 Baobab and Elephants Magic of Africa T-shirt

 Young Leopard Close-up Magic of Africa T-shirt

 Honey Badger on the Prowl Magic of Africa T-shirt

 Porcupine Magic of Africa T-shirt

 Africa's Big 5 Magic of Africa T-shirt

 Prancing Zebra on Keyboard Party T-shirt

 Cute Baby Elephant T-shirt

 Dung Beetle T-shirt

 Lion T-shirt in Vintage Sepia

 Lioness T-shirt

 Chimpanzee T-shirt

 Leopard Close-up T-shirt

 Black Rhino Portrait T-shirt

 African Wild Dog T-shirt

 Baby Elephant South Africa T-shirt

 Spotted Hyena T-shirt

 Cheetah T-shirt

 Big 5 Kenya Pride T-shirt

 Warthog Boar L/Sleeve T-Shirt

 Big 5 South Africa T-shirt

 Big 5 Zimbabwe Pride T-shirt

 Love South Africa T-Shirt

 Big 5 Zambia Sweatshirt

 Big 5 Tanzania T-shirt

 Big 5 Namibia T-Shirt

 Caracal Wild Cat T-shirt

 Buffalo Premium T-shirt

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