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Giraffe Pictures - Pg 2

All the images displayed in this giraffe gallery were taken at Tala Game Reserve, near Durban on South Africa's east coast.

This private nature reserve's mix of thorn trees and open grassland supports a diversity of wildlife and offers good opportunities for photographing giraffe, white rhino, zebra, and a variety of antelope.

Tala is unique in that it is surrounded by farms and other development, yet much of this is hidden once you are in the game reserve. The animals have grown accustomed to vehicles, so you don't need a long telephoto lens.

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Close-up picture of giraffe, side-on Close-up picture of giraffe, front-on Picture of two giraffe
Picture of giraffe stretching for leaves Picture of giraffe males bonding Picture of giraffe at full stretch
Picture of giraffe under tree Picture of two giraffe, necks crossed Picture of two giraffe standing
wildlife reference photos
Picture of giraffe reaching for leaves Picture of giraffe walking Picture of giraffe standing
Picture of giraffe loping Picture of giraffe grazing Picture of two giraffe standing
Fill Your Frame
This is particularly so with giraffe - because they're such big animals, you only need a digital camera with a 2x or 3x optical zoom to fill your frame.

Tala is also in a malaria-free area, which is a huge bonus for the fleeting visitor who wants to avoid taking anti-malarial medication.

If you're ever in Durban, this unusual game sanctuary is definitely worth a visit. You can find out more from the Tala website

For visitors to KwaZulu-Natal Province who want a more comprehensive wildlife safari, the area is rich in nature reserves, both private and state-run.

Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Park
The largest of these is the Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Park, to the north of Durban, that covers an area of 96 000 hectares.

In addition to the "Big Five" (lion, elephant, rhino, leopard and buffalo), inhabitants of the park include well-known bushveld species such as giraffe, zebra, cheetah and a variety of antelope.

To find out more about giraffes, see the Giraffe Information page.

Giraffe Captions:
Row 1:
1.Giraffe close-up, side on, Tala Game Reserve, South Africa
2.Giraffe close-up, front on, Tala Game Reserve, S.Africa
3.Young male giraffes, Tala Game Reserve, S.Africa

Row 2:
1.Giraffe reaching for upper leaves, Tala Game Reserve, S.Africa
2.Young male giraffes, bonding, Tala Game Reserve, S.Africa
3.Giraffe at full stretch for food, Tala Game Reserve, S.Africa

Row 3:
1.Giraffe under branches, Tala Game Reserve, S.Africa
2.Pair of giraffe crossing necks, Tala Game Reserve, S.Africa
3.Pair of giraffe side-on, Tala Game Reserve, S.Africa

Row 4:
1.Giraffe stretching for food, tongue out, Tala Reserve, S.Africa
2.Giraffe walking, Tala Game Reserve, S.Africa
3.Giraffe standing, side on, Tala Game Reserve, S.Africa

Row 5:
1.Giraffe on the run, Tala Game Reserve, S.Africa
2.Giraffe bending to graze, Tala Game Reserve, S.Africa
3.Giraffe pair, side-on, Tala Game Reserve, S.Africa

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