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Giraffe Photos Bonus Page

Giraffe Photos - Bonus Page

These giraffe photos were originally included on our stock photography website that we've recently discontinued, so are displayed here for viewing.

Please note though that the photographs are published for enjoyment of readers visiting this site and may only be downloaded for personal use and non-commercial educational or conservation purposes. Please read Terms of Use for more.

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Giraffe in grassland giraffe_tgr-0063 Giraffe reaching for leaves giraffe_tgr-0052 Giraffe head and neck giraffe_igr-0168 Giraffe head in profile giraffe_tgr-0097 Giraffe male and female giraffe_wnr-3922 Giraffe next to thorn tree giraffe_wnr-4011
Giraffe head close-up giraffe_wnr-4034 Giraffe nibbling on leaves giraffe_wnr-4018 Giraffe using tongue to pluck leaves giraffe_wnr-4027 Giraffe neck and head giraffe_wnr-3991 Giraffe male and female giraffe_wnr-3944 Giraffe loping downhill giraffe_tgr-0081
Young male giraffes giraffe_tgr-0070 Young male giraffes giraffe_tgr-0078 Young male giraffes giraffe_tgr-0071 Giraffe suckling calf giraffe_knp-pw058 Solitary Giraffe in woodland giraffe_gt-pw059 Giraffe group in woodland giraffe_gt-pw060
Group of giraffe giraffe_tgr-014 Giraffe, Chobe National Park giraffe_cnp-3291 Giraffe close-up giraffe_tgr-mr01 Giraffe hide close-up giraffe_knp-70021 Giraffe hide close-up giraffe_knp-70024 Giraffe and ostrich against skyline giraffe_tgr-sc007
Giraffe standing in thornveld giraffe_wnr-4037 Giraffe head and neck giraffe_wnr-4010 Giraffe plucking leaves from thorntree giraffe_wnr-4023 Giraffe eating green leaves giraffe_wnr-4024 Giraffe pair in wooded grassland giraffe_wnr-3955 Giraffe males neck slamming giraffe_ngr-4442
Giraffe walking in Kruger National Park giraffe_knp-sc009 Giraffe silhouette at sunset giraffe_knp-sc008 Giraffe standing in grass plains giraffe_knp-5451 Giraffe stripping leaves from thorntree giraffe_wnr-4031 Giraffe group in Chobe National Park giraffe_cnp-3290 Giraffe in Chobe National Park giraffe_cnp-3292
Giraffe male standing giraffe_knp-0269 Giraffe in wooded grassland giraffe_wnr-4038 Giraffe males slamming necks giraffe_ngr-4457 Giraffe males neck fighting giraffe_ngr-4460 Young male giraffes neck fighting giraffe_ngr-4455 Giraffe in woody grassland giraffe_knp-5566
Giraffe male and female giraffe_wnr-3927 Giraffe male and female giraffe_wnr-3936 Giraffe male and female standing giraffe_wnr-3929 Giraffe stripping leaves from thorntree giraffe_wnr-4025 Giraffe head and neck giraffe_wnr-4016

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