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Monkey Pictures - Pg 2

In this gallery you'll see exclusively images of Vervet Monkeys (Cercopithecus aethiops), which is the common monkey of the African savanna, found from Senegal in the north west, right down to the southern tip of the continent.

The Vervet is one of the few African primates to have escaped the equatorial rain forests and come down from the trees.

It has instead adapted to all wooded habitats outside of the rain forests and, although it no longer lives in the trees, it never ventures too far from the safety of wooded areas.

Vervet monkeys also depend on trees as their main source of food. So they will climb trees to pick fruit, seeds, pods, and buds, while also foraging on the ground under trees, looking for the fallen fruit and pods.

Click on picture to enlarge.
Monkeys on ground Vervet monkey, head shot Monkeys foraging for food
Vervet monkey in tree Vervet Monkey with blue testicles Monkey sitting in tree
Young vervet monkey Monkey pair in tree Vervet monkey in tree
wildlife reference photos
Monkey crouching in tree Monkey on tree branch Monkey climbing tree
Monkey moving in tree Monkey having a scratch Vervet monkey head and torso
Deep or Dappled Shade
This behavior makes it difficult to take good photos of monkeys. While in the trees they move fast and are often in deep or dappled shade, while the sky behind can be very bright, making them appear as silhouettes.

When foraging on the ground under trees, they will again usually be in deep shade, or partially obscured by bushes and other vegetation.

Natural Coloring
Their natural coloring doesn't help either. While the coat is a light silver-gray, their little faces are black. It's difficult to capture this range of contrast in a photo and often the detail is lost in their faces.

To overcome this, the photographer can try using fill-in flash to add light to the monkey's face and put highlights in its eyes, but you need to be fairly close for this work.

Speed and Agility
Monkeys rely on their speed and agility to escape predators, so they don't hang around posing for photographers.

If you do find a group that is comfortable with people around, then seize your chance and grab the camera - such photo opportunities don't happen often.

To find out more about monkeys, see our Vervet Monkey Information page.

Monkey Captions:

Row 1:
1.Monkeys foraging for food, Kruger NP, S Africa
2.Monkey sitting at base of tree, Kruger NP, S Africa
3.Monkeys foraging for food, Kruger NP, S Africa

Row 2:
1.Monkey climbing along branch, Ndumo GR, S Africa
2.Adult male vervet monkey, Victoria Falls, Zambia
3.Monkey sitting in tree, Victoria Falls, Zambia

Row 3:
1.Young monkey eating, Ndumo GR, S Africa
2.Two monkeys climbing tree, Ndumo GR, S Africa
3.Monkey in tree, Ndumo Game Reserve, S Africa

Row 4:
1.Monkey perched in tree, Ndumo GR S Africa
2.Monkey climbing along branch, Ndumo GR, S Africa
3.Monkey about to jump from branch, Ndumo GR, S Africa

Row 5:
1.Monkey climbing in tree, Ndumo GR, S Africa
2.Monkey having a good scratch, Ndumo GR, S Africa
3.Monkey in tree, Victoria Falls, Zambia

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