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Bird Photos - Bonus Page

Bird Photos - Bonus Page

These bird photos were taken in a variety of southern African game reserves and national parks, although the majority are from South Africa's flagship reserve, the Kruger National Park.

The photos on display include many of the small and colorful birds one is likely to see on an African safari, from white-fronted and carmine bee-eaters to large storks such as the saddlebilled and yellowbilled, to Africa's biggest bird, the ostrich.

There are also raptors, a number of different owls, guineafowls and a variety of wading birds.

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Saddlebilled Stork saddlebilled stork Ostrich close-up ostrich Greater Flamingo flamingo Bateleur eagle bateleur Grey Heron grey heron Yellowbilled Stork yellowbilled stork
Yellowbilled Stork yellowbilled stork Whitefronted Bee-eater w/fronted bee-eater lilacbreasted-roller lilacbreasted roller Crowned Hornbill crowned hornbill Whitefronted Bee-eater w/fronted bee-eater Painted Snipe painted snipe
Bateleur, immature bateleur Egyptian Goose in flight egyptian goose Yellowbilled stork in flight yellowbilled stork Ostrich ostrich Crested Francolin crested francolin Bateleur photo bateleur
Bateleur, immature bateleur Pair of Whitefronted bee-eaters w/fronted bee-eater blackheaded-heron blackheaded heron whitefaced-owl whitefaced owl saddlebilled-stork saddlebilled stork blackheaded-heron blackheaded heron
guineafowl guineafowl ground-hornbill ground hornbill hooded-vulture hooded vulture natal francolin natal francolin yellowbilled-stork yellowbilled stork ostrich ostrich
egyptian-goose egyptian goose scops-owl scops owl whitefaced-owl whitefaced owl yellowbilled stork yellowbilled stork grey-heron_knp grey heron hooded-vulture hooded vulture
guineafowl guineafowl great spotted cuckoo great spotted cuckoo burchells-coucal burchells coucal great white egret great white egret redheaded-weaver redheaded weaver masked-weaver masked weaver
red-bishop red bishop yellowbilled stork yellowbilled stork yguineafowl guineafowl Helmeted Guineafowl close-up guineafowl

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