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Date: Tuesday, 5 April 2005.
A page has been added to the "Gallery" featuring Cheetah pictures. I'll be honest that most of my cheetah pictures were not taken in the "wilds" of Africa, but at the Endangered Species Centre in Hoedspruit, South Africa.

As I mention on the page, cheetah are scarce and in the areas I visit, are rarely seen so photo opportunities are few and far between.

Two Hi-Res Pictures - a pair of cute dwarf mongooses peering inquisitively from the top of a termite mound, and a head shot of a zebra rubbing its neck against a tree - have been added that can be downloaded and used royalty-free for commercial purposes.

Dwarf mongoose pair Zebra head shot There is no charge for using these images, but I would appreciate an acknowledgement if used for print or a link if used on the Web.

Elephant Biofile
A thoughtful, well-written and entertaining "biofile" on the African elephant has been added. The article is complemented by photographs that illustrate and emphasise what the author is saying. If you're even vaguely interested in this most fascinating of African mammals, then it's definitely worth reading.

Reader Survey
I'm running a Reader Survey during April. It's designed to provide a better profile of visitors to the site - what they're looking for and what they might need. The answers are in the form of multiple choice - just check the ones that apply - so it only takes a minute or two to complete.

As an incentive to encourage readers to complete the survey, I'm offering 50 free wildlife pictures that can be used for commercial purposes, including use on web sites or as reference for art work. Once you complete the survey, you're given a link to a web page showing all the pictures. From that page the pictures can be downloaded as and when they're needed.

Kruger Park Lion
As regular visitors to South Africa's Kruger National Park, Arno Meintjes and his family have travelled thousands of miles observing the park's wildlife and taking photos when possible. Arno recently sent me this portrait of a battle-scarred male lion, looking suitably regal and aloof, as befits the "king of the jungle".
Lion portrait
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