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Date: Thursday, 12 August 2004.
A new page featuring hippo pictures has been added.

Most of the photographs were taken on a recent visit to Zambia where I was able to do some canoe trips on the Zambezi River.

Thanks to the skill and experience of our river guide Roddy Smith of Lion Roars Safaris, we were able to thread our way safely through numerous pods of hippo and some quite splendid crocodiles.

But even under such optimum conditions, photographing wildlife from a moving canoe is not as easy as it would seem!

Close proximity to dangerous animals, particularly hippo and crocodiles, does accelerate the adrenaline supply. For the not-so-brave, like me, I find my enthusiasm for wildlife photography diminishes rapidly when the potential subjects could, if so inclined, do me serious damage! See pics below.

Hippo on banks of Zambezi River Crocodile on banks of Zambezi River Elephant on banks of Zambezi River
A comprehensive review of our Zambezi canoe safari will be added soon.

The wildlife stock pictures page has been updated with the addition of two new images, both different from the norm.

One is of a tree squirrel, taken near the entrance to Nata Lodge in Botswana, while the other is of a stately baobab tree in the Lower Zambezi National Park.

Both these images can be downloaded and used royalty-free for commercial purposes.

Changing topic - A digital camera makes it easy to store hundreds of images on your computer. Organising these and remembering where they're all filed can be a real pain. I've recently download Picasa and am finding it very useful. The software scans your computer and places every digital image into albums that you can view as thumbnails or slideshows.

Google now owns Picasa and is giving the program away free - you can download from here.

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