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Date: Monday, 27 December 2004.
Twenty-one new bird pictures have been added (18 on a new page plus three on the existing Bird Pictures page). They range from the very large (ostrich) to the small and colorful (redheaded weaver).

Three hi-res pictures have been added that are free to download for personal or commercial purposes. There's a head-on shot of a big bull elephant, one of a yellowbilled stork wading in the shallows looking for fish, plus a bonus African sunset photo. Here's the link:
Wildlife Stock Pictures

I've also added more than 200 wildlife stock photos that can be purchased, royalty-free, for commercial use. Prices range from $20 to $45, which is a lot less than the standard cost for stock photos.

This has been a major undertaking, not only loading all the hi-res images and creating a separate web page for each one, but also trying to integrate a shopping cart and payment gateway that allows for immediate ordering and downloading.

I won't bore you with the hassles I've had, but anyone who lives outside North America, Europe or Aus/NZ will understand how difficult it is to set-up a payment system that allows a merchant to take payment by credit card.

King of his Domain
Thanks to Doug Aylward for sending in this shot of a golden-maned lion taken in Umfolozi Game Reserve, KwaZulu-Natal. Unfortunately I've had to crop out some of the surrounding scenery because of space contstraints.
Male Lion in Umfolozi Game Reserve
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