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Date: Monday 29 December 2003.
It's a pleasure making contact with people who are passionate about wildlife - like Judith Oliver, an Aussie furthering her wildlife studies in South Africa.

Judith, an accomplished photographer who has an eye for unusual and amusing images, has sent me a batch of her photographs that she's kindly agreed to let me post here.

Here's what she wrote about the first two pics below:
"This was one of the funniest things I have seen with elephants - these young bulls were really giving the hippos a hard time, and vice versa. I must have sat for over an hour and this continued until finally the young bulls walked off, but not without a final farewell from one of the young bulls."

And her comment on the third pic: "This little fellow actually tried to take on this young bull - it was again just toooo funny!"

Pic of elephant and hippo Pic of elephant with hippo Pic of elephant with baby hippo
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Click HERE to see more of Judith's photographs
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