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Date: Thursday, 30 September 2004.
Eighteen new baboon photographs have been added, so there is now a second page of baboon pictures under the "Gallery" section.

Most of the photographs were taken in Mosi-Oa-Tunya Park near the entry gate to the Victoria Falls in Zambia, where there is a parking area and curio market.

The day we visited, there was a small troop of baboons lurking about, scavenging for food. They have become used to people, so are not easily intimidated. I've included some pictures of baboons clambering over and eventually damaging an unattended vehicle, showing why these wily animals are both loved and hated by humans.

The Wildlife Stock Pictures page has been updated with the addition of a new photograph showing how a giraffe feeds on a thorn tree's succulent new leaves.

Although not immediately obvious, I have also made major changes to the website. The navigation bar (see top of page above) now comprises nine "sections". There are four new ones - "Stock Photos", "Photo Info", "Safari Info" and "Wildlife Art" - while two have been removed - "Articles" and "Wildlife Shopping". The picture pages are now under the "Gallery" section.

To include the additional navigation buttons, the logo has been made smaller (and more subdued) - a giraffe silhouette against a red sun. Although the giraffe has been "dropped in", the sunset is genuine, taken a few weeks ago at Weenen Nature Reserve. It was an amazing site as the sun, it's usual bright orange colour filtered by grey cloud, sank like a giant red tomato below the hills. See below:

African sunset 1 African sunset 2 African sunset 2

Plans for the website

The new sections of the website will be developed and expanded as time permits. The Stock Photos section feature 70 high- and medium-resolution photos that can be purchased with a royalty-free license, in addition to the 200-picture CD that's on offer at $19.99.

Soon customers will be able to order and download photographs immediately from their shopping cart, but this is a complex procedure involving merchant accounts and payment gateways, so is taking time to set-up.

The Photo Info section will also be expanded, as there are many more links waiting to be added, plus articles on photography, including tutorials on some of the photography basics that are neglected because auto cameras try to do it all for you.

The Safari Info section has exciting potential and will be the place for articles about travel in Africa, recommended destinations, the clothes and gear to take, and what to expect for your money.

At this early stage it's still worth a look as I've added links to some of the web's top safari sites. Be warned though, after visiting some of these, you'll want to pack your khaki kit and head for Africa!

Finally, the Wildlife Art section has been added as a resource for wildlife artists and those interested in wildlife paintings and prints. There's not much content yet, other than links to galleries and copyright information. So, any artists out there - if you'd like to submit articles, links to your website or other material that would be of interest, your input will be welcome.

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