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Wildlife Screensavers to Download

Our original wildlife screensaver - WildpicsSaver1 - featuring original photos from the African bush, is available in two sizes: the bigger one (2.8MB) comprises photos that are 1064 pixels wide, so is suitable for bigger monitors, while the smaller one (1.78MB) has pictures at least 800 pixels wide and should work fine on smaller monitors.

You can check out the thumbnails below so you know what you're getting before downloading. All pictures are portrait format, so should fill your screen.

A second screensaver - Zambezi Safari Screensaver - is also available to download. It is optimized for 17" monitors but should work on other size monitors. This screensaver showcases the wildlife and activities of the Lower Zambezi National Park and features about 40 vibrant, "in-your-face" photos of elephant, lion, buffalo, hippo and other animals that live along the mighty Zambezi River.

There's now a third screensaver available called "African Elephants - Giants of the Wild". This is certainly our top 'saver that we previously sold for $14.95 but is now offered at no cost. It features 60 superb photographs of African elephants, including groups, baby elephants and shots from the air. See African Elephant Screensaver for more.

To download a screensaver, right-click on one of the links below (NB - for PC only, not Mac)

WildlifepicsSaver1 (for bigger monitor, eg screen resolution 1024 x 768, file size 2.8MB)
WildlifepicsSaver2 (for smaller monitor, eg screen resolution 800x600, file size 1.78MB)
Zambezi Safari Screensaver (file size 3.3MB)
(Your screen resolution is currently set to )

A window will pop up - as in the example below - offering a number of options. Click on "Save Target As.."

Save As Window A second window will pop up, from which you can choose a location to save the file, for example on your desktop, or "My Documents" or in your "downloads" folder - wherever you choose. Once you've selected where you want to save the screensaver program, click on "Save" and the file will start downloading to that location.

When download is complete, navigate to the folder where the file is saved and you can open it from there.

It will load on your PC as a new program, including placing an icon on your Desktop. This lets you view the screensaver whenever you want, like an automated slideshow.

You can safely delete the icon if you want, because the screensaver will be automatically added to the screensavers already existing on your computer. (You can check this by going to "Sart" - "Settings" - "Control Panel" - "Display" - "Screen Saver").

Below are thumbnails of the photos that are included in the WildlifepicsSaver 1 or 2:

Screensaver Pictures
Picture of baboon Picture of buffalo cow Picture of elephant Picture of baby rhino Picture of immature bataleur Picture ofhippo
Picture of giraffe Picture of elephant Picture of kudu bull Picture of hyena Picture of elephant family Picture of buffalo bull
Picture of African Spoonbill Picture of Giraffe Picture if Impala ram Picture of Elephant Picture of Nyala females Picture of lioness
Picture lions Picture of Waterbuck cow Picture of zebra group Picture of lioness and cub Picture of rhino drinking Picture of zebra

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