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Dung Beetle "Get Over It" Inspirational T-shirts

As we head into a new year, Covid-19 - in the form of the Omicron coronavirus variant - is spreading like wildfire across the world.

But there is hope - as preliminary data from South Africa and the UK suggests - that Omicron, while many times more transmissible than previous variants, seems to cause less severe symptoms with a lower percentage of infected people needing hospital treatment.

The big hope is that Omicron will become totally dominant while causing only mild disease in most cases - similar to the common colds we all endure every year.

I created these inspirational, motivational designs to:

  • reflect the fervent hope that, in 2022 we will indeed "get over" the coronavirus and Covid-19 while also
  • acknowledging and saluting human tenacity in confronting adversity and overcoming obstacles.

  •  Available from Amazon US and Redbubble dung-beetle-we-will-get-over-it-covid-us-tshirt
     Available from Amazon UK and Redbubble dung-beetle-we-will-get-over-it-covid-uk-tshirt

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