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Photography Articles & Resources

Nikon, Canon, and Panasonic Digital Cameras

Canon Lens Reports
Comprehensive information about Canon EF and EF-S lenses

Wildlife Camera Starter Kit
Recommended wildlife photography starter outfit

How to take Great Safari Photos
- Without spending a fortune on gear

Choosing a Wildlife Camera - Superzooms
For those on a budget

Wildlife Cameras - the Digital SLR Option
Why SLRs are the best choice

Top Superzoom Cameras for Wildlife Pictures
Superzooms we recommend

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200 Video Reviews
Selected videos of the FZ200

Canon Powershot SX50 Video Reviews
Selected videos of the SX50

Nikon Coolpix P510 Video Reviews
Selected videos of the P510

Wildlife Lens for Canon Rebel
Q & A for Canon Rebel wildlife zoom lens

Wildlife Photos, Motion Blur Effect
Using slow shutter speed while panning the camera

Wildlife Photos, Impressionist Style
Photos digitally converted to give impressionist look

Bird Photos, Impressionist Style
Bird images rendered impressionist style

Best Photo Equipment for Beginners
Advice on choosing photo gear for beginners

Taking Wide Angle Bird Photos
Tips on using wide angle lens for bird photography

Photographing Swallowtail Butterfly
Using telephoto lens for butterfly photography

Nelson Mandela Sculpture
Photographing iconic sculpture of Nelson Mandela

Lytro 'Focus Later' Camera
Will it Revolutionise Digital Photography?

Lens Recommendations for Nikon D90
Q & A on lens for travel, safari, and World Cup Soccer

Tips on How to Buy Digital Cameras
A guide to camera reviews

Affordable Wildlife Photography
Superzoom cameras that won't break the budget

Digital Photography Advantages
Now's the time to throw out the film camera

Why Use a Camera Tripod?
The lowdown on keeping your camera steady

Make the Most of Your Digital Images
Don't let your pics stagnate on your hard-drive

Wildlife Camera & Photo Store

Please visit our custom Wildlife Pictures Online Camera & Photo Store showcasing a great selection of digital and film cameras, lenses, accessories and photography equipment that's tailored for anyone interested in wildlife and nature photography, or is needing suitable camera gear to capture memorable safari photos. This online store is hosted in association with Amazon.com, a trusted, world-recognized brand.

Recommended Photography Websites:

1. Wildlife and Nature

Nature Photographers is a superb online magazine that features a cover shot to make your mouth water (or weep with jealousy) and offers in-depth instruction on wildlife and nature photography. Has excellent articles, photo tips, photographer critique forums, plus professional photographers' galleries.

NatureScapes.net is another excellent nature photography resource offering articles, workshop listings, and forums. For a nominal annual fee you can become a paid-up member and receive various benefits, including discounts on selected workshops.

Hicker Photo - compelling travel, nature and wildlife photography from Canadian photographer Rolf Hicker. Explore his portfolio of images from Alaska and Africa to New Zealand and the Galapagos Islands - a visual feast for the connoisseur of travel and nature photography.

Loadedlandscapes.com - Useful resource for landscape and nature photographers with articles and tips on gear, techniques, and best locations. Will appeal mainly to US-based nature and landscape photogaphers as most the locations covered are in North America.

Nigel Dennis Interview - for aspirant wildlife photographers, this interview with renowned photographer Nigel Dennis is essential reading. While you're at the site, don't miss the superb gallery section showcasing some of Nigel's extraordinary wildlife shots.

2. Digital/General

The Digital SLR Guide - excellent place to start if you're thinking of buying a Digital SLR. Not tech-heavy, so won't boggle your mind with complex data. Instead, it sets out four simple steps to follow that will ultimately save you time, money, and buyer's remorse. The jargon is clearly explained, so you'll know what the salespeople are talking about. All round useful site, even if you already own a digital SLR.

All Things Photography - Clean, well-designed site offering "Inspiring and Helpful Photography Tips on Everyday Subjects" by an experienced photographer who believes strongly that photography is about practice, persistence and passion. Lots of articles, tips and practical advice written in a conversational, easy-to-read style that makes you want to read more. Good stuff!

Droneybee.com - Comprehensive information for both aspirant and experienced drone and/or aerial photographers, covering a wide range of topics, from laws and regulations to advice on quadcopter equipment, camera gear and settings, post processing, and much more.

Wildlife Camera Store for your wildlife photography requirements

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