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Date: Thursday, 17 February 2005.
Fifteen new photos of Vervet Monkeys have been added, so there is now a second page of Monkey Pictures under the "Gallery" section.

Monkey having a scratch

Vervet monkey having
a good scratch!

These cute and amusing primates are obviously popular among people searching the Web. Of the search terms or "keywords" that bring visitors to this web site, "monkey pictures" far outstrips the others!

Trailing way behind is "giraffe", followed closely by "lion pictures". So a second page of monkey photos is long overdue - but they are elusive subjects and surprisingly difficult to photograph.

In my home town, Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu-Natal, monkeys have settled happily in the sub-tropical vegetation of suburbia and can cause problems. It's not unusual to find them in your kitchen, helping themselves to the family provisions. But lift a camera to try to get a picture of them in the trees outside and they disappear in a flash.

Two Hi-Res Pictures - a pair of blue wildebeest in silhouette against the evening sky, and a kudu bull with a fine pair of spiral horns - have been added that can be downloaded and used royalty-free for commercial purposes. There is no charge for using these images. The kudu picture should provide a useful reference for artists as it shows the head and horns in some detail.

Stock Photos
There are now more than 300 Wildlife Stock Photos on display that can be purchased and used royalty-free for commercial purposes.

These can be ordered online by credit card and downloaded immediately once the transaction has been processed in real time.

It's always difficult for a photo buyer to tell from a small image what the full-size picture will be like, so I've tried to overcome this by providing a full-size "comp" image that can be downloaded for assessment. These are identical to the image for sale, except that they're more compressed for quicker downloading and are watermarked with the image number.

Fine Art Prints and Posters
Through an affiliation with Art.com, this site is now offering classy Fine Art Prints and Posters to anyone looking for decorative images.

I have selected mainly African wildlife pictures and put these in categories to make it quicker and easier to choose. So if you're looking for an elephant print, you can go straight to that category.

When I see the quality of the images offered by Art.com, I'm embarrassed that I actually thought people would buy some of my photographs that I offered for sale as posters!

I think I may have sold one in 18 months and now I know why. Hundreds of top-name artists and photographers sell their work through Art.com - in most cases at very reasonable prices.

Everyone has different tastes, so my selections may not appeal to all. But as someone who's spent time in the wide open spaces of Africa, those images that portray the earthy colors, unique light and expansive vistas of the African bush are always going to get my vote.

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