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Bird Pictures and Information
Current and previous blog entries specifically about birds found in Southern Africa.

Today's Picture: Redheaded Weaver Collecting Building Material
Today's Picture: Tawny Eagle Preparing for Take-Off
Today's Picture: Whitebacked Vulture Preparing to Land
Today's Picture: Glossy Starling on Aloe
Today's Picture: Redbilled Oxpecker and Impala
Today's Picture: Goliath Heron
Today's Picture: Southern Ground-Hornbill
Today's Picture: Spectacled Weaver
Today's Picture: Martial Eagle
Today's Picture: African Hawk Eagle
Today's Picture: Secretarybird Striding Through the Bush
Today's Picture: Tawny Eagle with Prey
Today's Picture: Ostrich Male
Today's picture: Meyer's Parrot
Today's picture: Carmine Bee-Eaters
Today's Picture: Redbilled Oxpecker
Today's picture: Woodland Kingfisher
Today's Picture: Crested Barbet
Today's Picture: Little Bee-Eater
Today's Picture: Saddlebilled Stork
Today's Picture: Whitefaced Duck
Today's Picture: Blackheaded Heron
Today's picture: Lilacbreasted Roller
Today's picture: Lesser Masked Weaver
Today's picture: Carmine Bee-eater
Today's Picture: European Roller
Today's Picture: Comb Duck (Knob-billed duck)
Today's Picture: Yellow-billed Stork
Today's picture: Blackheaded Heron
Today's picture: Elegantly Curvaceous Swan


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