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Very large mammals
Pictures and information about very large mammals, including elephants, hippos, rhinos, buffalos

Today's Picture: Hippo Yawning, Side View
Today's Picture: Close View of a Giraffe's Legs
Today's Picture: Adult Elephant Helping Baby From River
Today's Picture: Elephant's Eye Framed by Acacia Thorns
Today's Picture: White Rhino
Today's Picture: Hippo Crossing Rocky Terrain
Today's Picture: Hippo and Crocodile Stand-off
Today's Picture: Rhino on the Run
Today's Picture: Giraffe at Waterhole
Today's Picture: Elephant Having a Dust Shower
Today's Picture: White Rhino
Today's Picture: Baby Elephant on a Mission
Today's picture: Giraffe and Elephant at Waterhole
Today's picture: Buffalo Herd, Okavango Delta
Today's picture: Elephant and Hippo Confrontation
Today's picture: Elephant Study
Today's Picture: Hippo Showing its Teeth in Yawning Display
Today's Picture: Giraffe Sticking its Tongue Out
Today's Picture: Rhino Wallowing in Mud
Today's Picture: Hippo Making Waves
Today's Picture: African Elephant, front-on view
Today's Picture: Hippo Spraying Water
Today's Picture: Giraffe Browsing
Today's Picture: Buffalo Bull
Today's Picture: Giraffe at Sunset
Today's picture: Bull Elephant
Today's Picture: Giraffes mating
Today's picture: Hippos and Egret
Today's picture: Baby Elephant
Today's picture: Giraffe at rest
Today's Picture: Elephant at waterhole, close-up
Today's picture: Young Elephant prepares to mock charge
Today's Picture: Elephant Cows, Close-up
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Today's Picture: Eye of the Rhino
Today's Picture: Buffalo Bull, Close-up
Today's picture: White Rhino in soft morning light
Today's picture: Elephant Mother and Young Ones
Today's picture: Hippo Looming Large
Today's picture: Giraffe in warm afternoon light, Mashatu Game Reserve.
Elephant close-up, Mashatu Game Reserve


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