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Other mammals
Pictures and information about medium and smaller mammals, including hyenas, monkeys, baboons and jackals

Today's Picture: Warthog on its Knees Digging for Roots
Today's Picture: African Wild Dog on the Move
Today's Picture: Bat-Eared Fox Cubs
Today's Picture: Hyena Snapping at Vulture
Today's Picture: Baboon in Field of Flowers
Today's Picture: Zebra, Front-On View
Today's Picture: Small-Spotted Genet
Today's Picture: Young Baboons at Sunset
Today's Picture: Zebra Backsides
Today's Picture: Captive Chimpanzee No.4
Today's Picture: Captive Chimpanzee No.3
Today's Picture: Captive Chimpanzee, Close-up
Today's Picture: Captive Chimpanzee
Today's Picture: Spotted Hyena Pup
Today's Picture: Hyena at Speed
Today's picture: Zebra at Waterhole
Today's Picture: Banded Mongoose with abnormal markings
Today's Picture: African Wild Cat
Today's Picture: Galloping Zebra
Today's Picture: Chimpanzee Close-up
Today's Picture: Muddy Warthog
Today's Picture: Baby Vervet Monkey
Today's Picture: African Wild Dog
Today's Picture: Jackal Pair - Photo Details:: A pair of black-backed jackals (Canis mesomelas) in dappled shade, late afternoon, Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana. These attractively marked animals with their pointy faces and large, upstanding ears can often be seen in game parks and nature reserves as they are active during the day and at night ...
Today's picture: Young Serval - Photo Details: Young Serval (Felis serval) in dappled sunlight, Sondéla Wildlife Centre, Limpopo Province, South Africa. This young serval has been raised at the Sondéla Wildlife Centre. Although at first glance it may be mistaken for a domestic kitten, this is a wild animal and will soon be released back into its natural environment.

Today's picture: Caracal
Today's picture: Spotted Hyena
Today's picture: Tree Squirrel
Today's picture: Zebra on rocky hillside
Today's picture: Vervet Monkey
Today's picture: Rock Hyrax or "Dassie"
Today's picture: Zebra Biting its Tail
Today's Picture: Zebra Foal
Today's Picture: Black-backed Jackal
Today's Picture: Baby Baboon
Today's picture: Zebra Portrait
Today's picture: Banded Mongoose, Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana.
Today's picture: Vervet Monkey - sad, or maybe just pensive? Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana.
Today's picture: Baboon with Grass Stem - A Gift or Peace Offering?
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